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Wine accessories from Bottle Stock

Let's level for a moment: Most wine accessories fall somewhere on the spectrum of tacky.

It’s a truth that Whitney Adams, wine buyer for Domaine LA, one of Los Angeles’ top wine stores, discovered quickly.

So she decided to solve the problem herself. An avid reader of design and lifestyle blogs, she married her twin passions to create Bottle Stock, a new line of design-centric wine accessories.

The line includes color-blocked and glittery ombre corkscrews ($18), cheeky wine-themed gift cards (“It’s your birthday & we’re alive & wine exists,” reads one), and tie-dyed leather coasters ($24). No chintzy plastic wine stoppers here.

We’re stocking up on the gorgeous wine paper ($10) and gift tags for wrapping bottles as gifts, and are looking forward to what Adams is working on next: single- and double-bottle leather bags, designed in collaboration with L.A. Leatherworks.

Tacky, turned tasteful.

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