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Much as we believe in the power of digital media here at Tasting Table, we are also unyielding fans of printed books.

So, to celebrate the printed word, we've built Tasting Table's Kitchen Bookshelf, a collection of the noteworthy cookbooks, chefs' memoirs and food policy books that we have covered since Tasting Table launched more than four years ago.

Browse through our online stacks, and you'll find eight categories, including: New Classics, the books that demand a space on every food lover's bookshelf; Chef's Table, penned by the nation's top toques; Baked, covering everything from bread to confections; and Cooking Class, the technique-driven tomes that elevate your skill set.

While we wouldn't consider our collection comprehensive, it is a useful snapshot of the books that we think still matter as much now as the day we covered them. Keep checking back on the Bookshelf, as we'll continually add more selections when we cover more books in our daily emails.

We can't wait for the next chapter.

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