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Knives from MKS, Chelsea Miller and The Federal

Few things are more well-used in the kitchen than a chef's knife.

So when it comes to investing in kitchen gear, a sharp blade is something we'll happily shell out for. Here, custom knives that are equal parts sharp, durable and gorgeous.

MKS Knife: Inspired as a child by the sharp knives that his butcher uncle always had on hand, Adam Simha has spent years forging blades. Having worked for All-Clad and Dexter Russell, he has just launched his own line of custom creations (chef's knives start at $350), which are as visually stunning as they are sharp.

Chelsea Miller Knives: Using high-carbon steel that she reclaims from old tools, Chelsea Miller creates each gorgeous piece ($250 to $350) by hand. Her craft is inspired by her father, a blacksmith and carpenter based in Vermont.

The Federal: Though they're still in prototype form, we can't wait for these mostly wood masterpieces to hit the market. The blades are made entirely of maple, lined with just a small trim of high-carbon steel along the edge.

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