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A stylish way to control portions from Slim & Sage 
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Slim & Sage Plates

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Here at Good Taste, we don't like weighing our food, or investing in gimmicky gizmos to ration out our dinners.

But when we spotted Slim & Sage's new line of porcelain portion-control plates ($99 for a set of four), we stumbled upon a product where form meets function.

Developed with experts at Harvard and Stanford, the plates' two geometric designs makes it easy to eat healthfully, discreetly: Use one-quarter of the plate for a lean protein, another quarter for a whole grain and the remaining half for vegetables.

The plates are also less sizable than your average dinnerware--just 9 inches in diameter rather than the usual 12--as research has shown that smaller plates cause people to eat less while still feeling satiated.

Available in bold red or blue in patterns reminiscent of Tory Burch, they're pieces you'd actually be proud to set out at your table. Additionally, we love that Slim & Sage donates 2 percent of its profits to childhood obesity research.

This really may be a case where less is more.

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