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Wine guru and restaurateur Joe Bastianich's keys to healthful eating 

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Simplicity at its best

The rest of the world may be going gluten-free, but restaurateur-wine expert-author-TV personality Joe Bastianich eats pasta every day for lunch.

The notoriously fit Bastianich, who changed his diet and took up running seven years ago following a sleep-apnea diagnosis, says portion control is the key to healthy living: He eats a small serving--around 3 ounces--of simply prepared pasta, with, say, arugula pesto with almonds, or steamed broccoli, sautéed garlic and high-quality olive oil.

And, of course, Bastianich advocates moderate wine consumption as well. He doesn't deprive himself; rather, he'll indulge in a glass of vino.

As Mario Batali's partner in New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas restaurants, as well as the Italian marketplace Eataly, Bastianich dines out frequently, but chooses protein and vegetables, like the lemon chicken recipe he shared with us (see the recipe). Pan-seared, then roasted under a brick (or heavy ovenproof skillet), the rosemary-flecked poultry is simplicity at its best: flavorful, tender and satisfying.

It's heads and tails above average, Joe.

Make the Lemon Chicken Under a Brick
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