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Jennifer Garner wants to be a dairy queen 
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Jennifer Garner butters up pin-it

Butter can lead to big things. (No, we're not referring to our waistlines.)

In the new comedy Butter, which hit theaters over the weekend, the dairy staple is a medium of ambition, scandal and power.

The satire fixates on the butter-sculpting competition at the Iowa State Fair, a real event that, outside of the Midwest, might elicit snickering comparisons with cow-tipping. Think Drop Dead Gorgeous with a greasy twist.

Jennifer Garner plays type A Laura Pickler, who is married to the town’s longtime butter-carving champion (played by Ty Burrell). When he retires from the competition, Garner’s character decides to compete, unwilling to let the title leave the family. She faces off against Destiny (Yara Shahidi), a young girl who is something of a butter-sculpting auteur.

There are plenty of laughs, particularly thanks to the comic chops of Olivia Wilde, who plays a stripper trying (somewhat successfully) to steal Pickler’s husband.

But perhaps even more enjoyable are the tremendous buttery creations that come out of the competition: a giant, perfectly rendered convertible; a 3-D re-creation of DaVinci’s Last Supper; a tableau from Schindler’s List.

Pass the popcorn, please.  

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