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A hybrid snack you'll want to keep crunching 

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A cereal-chip hybrid

Sometimes the marriage of two foods is magical: guacamole and hummus, for instance. Other pairings only spell disaster.

We were wary when we spotted a package of Willamette Valley Granola Company's new granola chips ($5 for a 6-ounce bag), a snack that combines two of our favorite weaknesses: the breakfast cereal and the all-too-satisfying chip. When we tried a handful and couldn't stop eating them, though, we knew the pair were a viable match.

The crisps are light, crunchy, all-natural, non-GMO rounds made with quinoa, oats, amaranth and barley. The whole-grain snacks come in four varieties: Wild Berry, Honey Nut, Butter Pecan and Vanilla Bean. Some flavors (Honey Nut, Vanilla Bean) are less cloyingly sweet than the others, but we went back to each bag multiple times.

The granola chips were created under the watchful eye of a registered dietician, and each serving packs in 3 grams of fiber to help snackers stay satiated.

That's something we can sink our teeth into.

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