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More than four decades of duck  

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Duck noodle soup

The interior of Rodded bears a strong resemblance to every other noodle spot in East Hollywood, with its pictures of the Thai royal family and sparse décor.

But the hung images of the Last Supper that accompany the royalty on Rodded’s walls are a sign that dining is indeed different at the corner of Hollywood and Gramercy--and not solely in terms of religion.

You can eat pad Thai and beef noodle soup at Rodded, which opened more than 40 years ago. But the menu’s waterfowl illustration--one that wouldn’t look out of place embroidered on the slacks of an Ivy League graduate--clues you in to the restaurant’s specialty: duck.

There are various portions of stewed bird available, each quarter ($6), half ($9) or whole duck ($18) dispatched into chopstick-friendly chunks. Alternatively, the same meat can be eaten in a cold salad, where the tender slips of meat are combined with various vegetables and tossed in a bracing, lime-heavy dressing.

But if you only go once and you only order one dish, choose the duck noodle soup ($6). In it, the now familiar meat swims alongside your choice of noodle (wide, slippery rice noodles for us) in a glistening, stout-black broth.

Rodded Restaurant, 5623 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; 323-962-8382

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Rodded Restaurant 5623 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90028 323-962-8382
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