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Coffee talk

If your morning coffee routine practically puts you back to sleep, perhaps it's time to shake it up.

Discover new artisan coffee roasters with MistoBox's monthly delivery service ($15 a month).

Sign up online, and MistoBox will ship freshly roasted coffee samples from four microroasters around the nation to your doorstep the first week of each month. You'll get enough whole beans to brew four pots, as well as tasting notes and info about each producer.

MistoBox adds four new roasters a month; July's shipment included Klatch's cinnamon- and green-apple-flavored Tanzania Kilimanjaro Peaberry, Chocolate Fish's Las Capucas Honduras, well-balanced Finca Santa Clara Guatemala from AJ Coffee, and Chazzano's Creamy Dreamy Blend (which, as its name might suggest, is rich with spice and apricot notes). August's offerings are still under wraps.

If subscribers order a full bag of coffee from the online shop--which, at the moment, offers 75-plus varieties--the MistoBox folks send it with no additional shipping charges.

Maybe your joe won't be so regular after all.

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