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Meat up at Stachowski Market and Deli

The neighborhood butcher shop has become as hard to find as good liverwurst.

Enter meat maestro Jamie Stachowski, a fixture at local farmers' markets. The chef has a new cure-all for both problems with his new Stachowski Market and Deli in Georgetown, which centers around two cold cases packed with house-made cold cuts and prime proteins.

The lunch menu focuses on supersize sandwiches, which can easily feed two. Piles of juicy pastrami ($12) arrive on toasted pumpernickel with a hefty dose of spiced brown mustard, and a side of three crisp pickles.

The four-meat grinder ($11) wedges slices of soppressata, salami, coppa and fat-speckled mortadella into hearty peasant bread, along with circles of sharp provolone, ribbons of red onion, tomatoes, lettuce crinkles and a modest splash of oil and vinegar. 

An expert at sausages, Stachowski also serves his own kielbasa with sauerkraut and mustard ($6), along with hot Italian sausage under squiggles of peppers ($6).

In classic butcher shop fashion, Stachowski also sells sliced meat, including fiery Yucatán chile-spiced coppa ($23 per pound), marbled duck prosciutto ($45 per pound) and, of course, smooth, smoky liverwurst. 

Stachowski Market and Deli, 1425 28th St. NW (at P St.); 202-506-3125 or

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