Pot Luck 

Mix and match your perfect soup at New Season 
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New Season restaurant has found a way to skillfully combine favorite flavors from several Asian cuisines into one dish.

This Falls Church restaurant, which quietly opened last fall, specializes in mix-and-match hot pots centered around your choice of flavorful soup broths, all cooked at your table on a sleek induction burner.

Miso, spicy soup, Vietnamese and Korean broths are all options, but we recommend the red Thai version, which is spicy, slightly sour, and aromatic with kaffir lime leaves.

From there, choose from udon, egg noodles, bean thread noodles and rice vermicelli. Meat and seafood are the typical entrées, including thin slices of rib eye ($20), chicken ($15), a platter of shrimp, scallops and salmon ($20), or a combination of meat and fish ($20), which all arrive raw to simmer and absorb the flavors of the soup.

Okra, cabbage and watercress arrive with the warming pot, but there's a lengthy list of additions like clams ($3), meatballs ($4) and tripe ($4) for extra filler.

And if the spicy proves too hot, an avocado milkshake ($4) or a bottle of Dogfish Head ($4.50) should temper your tongue.

New Season, 7279 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church; 703-573-1348 or newseasonva.com

Pot Luck

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New Season 7279 Arlington Blvd. Arlington VA 22042 703-573-1348
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