The words "fusion" and "New World cuisine" are tossed around a lot in Miami. For that, we give a shout-out to chef Norman Van Aken. Van Aken is one of the founders of New American cuisine, specifically of the pan-Latin-African-Caribbean-Asian-by-way-of-Florida variety as featured at his new restaurant, Tuyo (which means "yours" in Spanish). Perched high above Miami Dade College's new Miami Culinary Institute and featuring sweeping floor-to-ceiling views, Tuyo offers Floridians a taste of Van Aken's signature sea-to-skillet plates. One of his most versatile recipes is for a pineapple, ginger and jalapeño vinaigrette that he uses as a sticky glaze for grilled chicken, dressing for a fruit salad and, in this case, a marinade and finish for a quickly seared yellowfin-tuna steak. King Neptune is at your service.