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Recipe: Sous Chef Series 2012
SCS: Anndria Jones

Forget beer nuts: Even the bar snacks at Chicago's Yusho are exciting. Sous chef Anndria Jones, a Texas native who moved to the city after culinary school, shared her recipe for... Read More »

When Mika Paredes moved to Portland, Oregon, 10 years ago, Beast chef-owner Naomi Pomeroy was one of the first people she met; the two worked together at Pomeroy's former... Read More »

Titus Wang got his kitchen start as an intern at New York City's Annisa, where the Taiwan-born chef, who moved to New Jersey when he was 13, learned to marry classic French... Read More »

Cooking fish at home doesn't intimidate Chad Richard. Maybe that's because Richard, sous chef at The Optimist in Atlanta, grew up on St. Simons Island, off the coast of Georgia,... Read More »

Chef de cuisine Julya Shin, of Pizzaiolo in Oakland, has some advice for kitchen greenhorns. "Relax. When you take cooking too seriously you take all the fun out of it." Shin's... Read More »

Can a chef make croutons special? If the chef is Tim Dornon, chef de cuisine at Austin newcomer Qui, and the croutons are golden, buttery, and fragrant with poached lemon zest and... Read More »

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