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Glaze of Glory

The best doughnuts in SF »

Fat of the Land

Great schmaltz, and a potato pancake to cook... »

Candy Crush

A new company that treats chocolate like... »

There is an endearing quaintness to the homespun, to be sure. One glaring example: Half of the restaurants that opened in the past five years have profited by emulating that... Read More »


We can only imagine how many delicious ideas are scrapped at the first roadblock. So praise is due to Tim Parsons on two levels: for his superb new hot sauce, bottled under the... Read More »

Tasting Table: Sous Chef Series

We all dream of cooking like the country's best chefs. Well, now you can, because the Sous Chef Series is back! This year, the Sous Chef Series is bigger and bolder than before,... Read More »

I Love Keenwan

The phrase "crunchy-granola" hasn't been the same since Daniel Humm starting sharing the oats, fruit and nut mixture. When the chef of New York's super-luxe Eleven Madison Park... Read More »

Tofu is an intimidating subject for many, though as far as we're concerned, for reasons that are unfair and unsubstantiated. But, happily, one of our favorite authors, Andrea... Read More »

Tasting Table

We all like to know what chefs are doing--where they buy their knives and where they get their groceries. Of course, we also want to know what they like to eat. For Andrew Brochu,... Read More »

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