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Fat of the Land

Great schmaltz, and a potato pancake to cook... »

Candy Crush

A new company that treats chocolate like... »

Resolve This

Take up a challenge in 2014 »
San Francisco Roli Roti Thomas Odermatt Schmaltz Chicken Fat Potato Rosti

We can't get enough schmaltz—and no, we don't mean Lifetime movies or sappy pop ballads; we're talking golden, savory chicken fat. Thomas Odermatt, the Swiss-born owner of... Read More »

Gaté Comme des Filles

Do not hoard Alexandra Whisnant's chocolates. Though it's tempting to squirrel away the truffles, produced under the label Gâté Comme des Filles, the small print on... Read More »

San Francisco Cooking School

More yoga. Fewer calories. Juice cleanses. While your friends are all resolving to become healthier people, you could make 2014 the year of the big project. A cooking project, that... Read More »

Tartine Book No. 3

If you've bought bread at Tartine and Bar Tartine over the last two years, you've noted the appearance of some crazy-sounding loaves. Barley porridge with flaxseed. Sprouted... Read More »

Tasting Table San Francisco

Step away from the infomercial. In the interests of preventing another Magic Bullet re-gifting incident, we asked chefs around the Bay Area what essential tools they think every... Read More »


Dennis Lee and his brothers have never shied away from taking Namu into territory few restaurants broach. A farmers' market stand. An organic farm. For a spell, a CSA box. Now:... Read More »

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