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Each month, Tasting Table’s Monthly Editions explores a single topic from a variety of delicious angles. Our March issue, Edible Classroom, is dedicated to higher learning in the kitchen. All month long we’ll be talking about tips, tricks and techniques to make your eating and drinking experiences even more delicious. To start things off, watch our video below, with three tips from Tasting Table’s editors.

  • SENT MARCH 28, 2012


    Soy Genius

    A new book takes the scariness out of tofu

    Tofu is an intimidating subject for many, though as far as we're concerned, for reasons that are unfair and unsubstantiated. But, happily, one of our favorite authors, Andrea...

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  • SENT MARCH 20, 2012


    Dough Boy

    Jim Lahey expounds on pizza

    Jim Lahey isn't much for cookbooks. The famed baker has more of a free-form approach. It's ironic, considering the baking blitzkrieg launched by his "no-knead" bread recipe,...

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  • SENT MARCH 8, 2012


    TT Plated: Smoked

    One flavorful method, endless applications

    Most dining rooms might be "no smoking" these days, but we doubt if kitchens ever will be. Using smoke to cook and add flavor to food is an ancient method--and one that shows no...

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  • SENT MARCH 6, 2012


    Green Beans

    Take your coffee cup into your own hands

    For those who strive to eat and drink locally, coffee provides quite the challenge. Whereas lettuce and herbs shoot up in a window box nearly anywhere, coffee requires tropical...

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