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The Art of the Cocktail Garnish

Eight ways to up your cocktail game »

Marg and In Charge

Want to improve the margarita? Go back to... »

Tap the Bottle

The new wave of bottled cocktails »
Modern Cocktail Garnishes from Top Bartenders

"Garnishes are an expression of a bartender's style," says Shinya Yamao of New York's Piora. "My garnishes are very simple, but they act as a sub-ingredient for the cocktail,"... Read More »

A good margarita is liquid salvation. A bad margarita...well, we've all been there. Sour mix situations. Tropical fruit follies. Don't even get us started on those slushy-machine... Read More »

Bottled Cocktails New York Saxon & Parole Chicago Celeste Empellon East Village Bars

The next time you sidle up to a bar, don't be surprised if you're asked whether you'd like your cocktail by the glass or if you'd rather see the bottle menu. Some bars go the... Read More »

Rinsed Cocktails Momofuku NYC Press Napa Valley One Chapel Hill Merchant Madison Wisconsin

Want to elevate your cocktail making game? Start by flavoring the glass. A simple swirl of booze before the drink goes in adds a subtle layer of flavor. The rinse, as it's known,... Read More »

Negronis at The Gilroy in NYC

The Negroni is laughably easy to make and dangerously easy to like. A simple triptych of ingredients (gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, in equal parts) yields a drink of surprising... Read More »

Nightcaps The Hawthorne Eastern Standard Boston Cocktails

The nightcap is a lovely thing. It stretches out an evening a bit and softens all the day's edges. Wherever you find yourself for last call, consider that last drink and find... Read More »

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