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Soul Survivor

Miami's next top chef is in for the ride »

A Jewel on the Mile

Wines to treasure at Uvaggio »

Sea Change

We fall in love with Gaston Acurio's La Mar »
Miami Aleric Constantin

You know you're in for a good conversation when your host immediately offers you a colada. That's exactly what Sear'N Gears' Aleric "AJ" Constantin did when we visited him at his... Read More »

Miami Coral Gables Uvaggio Bret Pelaggi Wine Bar

The most serendipitous discoveries are often hidden in plain sight. Last weekend, as we fled the neon, fist-pumping mayhem that was South Beach and Downtown, Top Chef alum Bret... Read More »

Miami Brickell Gaston Acurio La Mar Anticuchos

When it comes to choosing a seafood restaurant in the city, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Unfortunately, much like our dating scene, disappointments and shortcomings... Read More »

Orange Blossom Charles St. NYC Kitchen Cocktails Mid Beach

Spring is finally here, so it's fitting that Orange Blossom has been quietly flowering in the old Charles St. NYC Kitchen spot, getting ready to launch in the next weeks. We were... Read More »

Box of Chacos David Peck Tacos

South Florida, you've done us proud. Considering we typically think of our Latin American staples as croquetas and empanadas, we're delighted to report that we've finally been... Read More »

The Bent Fork Simon Stojanovic Ocoee Duck

Maybe Simon Stojanovic should take a break more often. The former Michael Genuine's sous-chef and Altamare executive chef has had some time on his hands since the closing of the... Read More »

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