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Super Bowls

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Dim Sum Sunday

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Mohawk Bend

To say that beer gets top billing at Echo Park's newly opened Mohawk Bend is no allusion to show business; the names of fabled craft beers are spelled out on the former theater's... Read More »

German restaurants

If a rash of recent openings and expansions is any indication, currywurst was merely the beginning of L.A.'s newfound infatuation with Germanic food: Brats Brothers Roland and... Read More »

Father's Office

Father's Office is a restaurant that's often defined by what you can't order--namely, ketchup and dessert. Those two omissions speak to owner Sang Yoon's exacting, calculated... Read More »

Ride the train to boat noodles

If fears of Carmageddon have you envisioning a shut-in weekend subsisting on canned goods pilfered from your earthquake survival kit, we have good news: not only does L.A. have a... Read More »

If Peru were 50 percent Japanese, the restaurants of Lima and Cuzco might look something like chef Ricardo Zarate's newly opened Picca in West L.A. Here, the potato base of the... Read More »

In a hidden corner of a Gardena strip mall, there is a noodle experience not often found outside of Japan. Unlike the many restaurants in neighboring Torrance that have tamed... Read More »

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