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Super Bowls

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Dim Sum Sunday

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Zagat LA Restaurant Survey

Calling all Los Angeles diners: Think you know the city's food scene? Prove it. Zagat LA is looking for savvy diners to take their Los Angeles Restaurants Survey. Share the highs... Read More »

We picked our nine favorite ramen spots in Los Angeles

We put our noodles to really good use, scouring Los Angeles for our favorite ramen. Here, in no particular order, are the spots that bowl us over time after... Read More »

Shock Top

It's hard to beat a Sunday morning dim sum brunch. When your recover-from-Saturday-night meal also comes with ramen, dessert and unlimited beer, you've got a can't-miss weekend... Read More »

Los Angeles Best Bread

Our city still has its fair share of carb-phobes, which is a good thing, really: that just means more bread for the rest of us. From soft potato bread and eggy challah to hearty... Read More »

Night Market Song Silver Lake Kirs Yenbamroong Thai Los Angeles

At long last, Night + Market Song is open. With orange sherbet-colored walls, plastic chandeliers and a topless poster of Cindy Crawford on the wall, it's clear that the quirky... Read More »

Los Angeles Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pour a glass of milk and get excited. Here are ten wonderful takes on the most classic of desserts: the good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie. ① Nancy's Favorite... Read More »

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