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Portland Penny Diner

Before the word “cocktail” became an umbrella term for any boozy mixture, it defined a specific family of drinks: those made with liquor, sugar, bitters and... Read More »

Tasting Table: Vermouth

Vermouth is a particularly heavy part of our rotation during the winter months. The fortified wine, aromatized with a rich sachet of herbs and spices, brings warmth and depth to... Read More »

Fancy glassware, special tools and bespoke ingredients are part of the reason we drink at our favorite bars. These special tools add to the glitter of a night out. But for those... Read More »

Tasting Table: Best Cocktails

It's easy to mock the cocktail movement. But accusing it of being just a trend, though once a common dig, is becoming impossible. Craft cocktails are here to stay, with an even... Read More »

Tasting Table Thanksgiving Book

We cannot subsist on booze alone. (And nothing good comes of trying.) So with the holiday season impending, we’re breaking from the bars to share the Thanksgiving magic our... Read More »


The fall allocation of the country's most sought-after whiskey will be hitting stores in just a handful of days. Bad news: Most of the Pappy Van Winkle is already spoken for,... Read More »

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