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Use Your Noodle

Our favorite ramen in Chicago »

Milwaukee Surprise

Ardent serves some of the most progressive... »

Porky's Revenge

Pick your piece of pork at Mercat a la Planxa »
Chicago Ramen Best Of list Slurping Turtle Takashi Uni Oiistar Misoya

Chicago is in the midst of a ramen renaissance, with a new place to try a savory bowl of goodness opening every few weeks. Here are our favorites, in no particular brothy... Read More »

Chicago Milwaukee Ardent Justin Carlisle Roasted Celeriac

We never expected to find some of the most interesting food in the Midwest hiding in Milwaukee, but that's exactly what we discovered down the short flight of stairs to the... Read More »

Chicago Mercat a la Planxa Cory Morris Pork Loin

"When each piece is gone, it's gone." Chef Cory Morris is one of the competitors at this year's Cochon 555, the competition that challenges chefs to make creative dishes from an... Read More »

Chicago Best Breads List Floriole Cellar Door Provisions Red Hen Pantry

It's the staff of life. It's the scourge of Atkins. It's one of our absolute favorite foods, even if it does put us into a coma. Of course, we're talking about bread. Here are our... Read More »

Chicago Raw Clams Half Shell Publican

Step aside, oysters. It's time for another raw bivalve to get some love. As shellfish bars proliferate, the humble clam on the half shell hasn't gotten much attention. In fact, we... Read More »

Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookies Desserts Sweets

No matter how fancy the desserts in this town get, you can never beat a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie. Get your glass of milk ready. ① Skillet Cookie at... Read More »

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