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POSTED January 29, 2015


Mourad Lahlou's anticipated sophomore restaurant, Mourad, opened this Monday in all of its Moroccan-laced, California-fied glory. Lahlou's Aziza has remained one of the top tables in town; Mourad is a larger space rich with grandeur, its basic setup modeled after a Moroccan home. As for the menu, expect Lahlou's unique brand of traditional Moroccan influences, executed with sophistication and balance. There's no shortage of Mediterranean flavors, like a starter of octopus made with chickpeas and merguez ($18), alongside a main dish featuring duck, granola and black garlic ($38). Aziza devotees will be glad to know that Lahlou's beloved duck-filled basteeya ($22) is here, too. Also worth noting is the Family Repast section of the menu, featuring three large-format dishes made for sharing, like short ribs ($120 a person), and an 11-course tasting menu ($150 a person).

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POSTED January 22, 2015

The Market

The Bay Area market hall renaissance continues with Wednesday's opening of The Market, housed in the Twitter building and poised to continue neighborhood revitalization goals with aplomb. Check out a wide selection of foodstuffs you can eat there or take home and cook yourself. Ready-to-eat options include sandwiches, sushi and oysters, a salad bar, pizza, tacos, coffee and, most excitingly, Azalina's, a local Malaysian food legend whose food stands we've been known to actively seek out. Shopping options include fresh-baked breads and pastries, a seafood counter and an old-school butcher slinging humanely raised meats.

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POSTED January 15, 2015


We like to tell ourselves there's no such thing as too many Mission burritos, but the truth is, even we can use a break from time to time. But that doesn't mean we need a break from Mexican flavors full stop. Meet Californios, a brand-new innovative dining experience now open on 22nd Street. Headed by chef Val M. Cantu (Sons & Daughters, Uchi), Californios began as a massively popular pop-up that served Cantu's modern, deconstructed takes on reimagined Mexican cuisine. His brick-and-mortar has a similar focus, now in a seven-course dining experience. The dishes themselves evolve from light to rich, including a take on chips and salsa that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about snacking. Another twist? You won't actually see your menu until after you've experienced the food itself.

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POSTED January 8, 2015


Talk about starting 2015 with triumphant news: Following a devastating fire, Manresa has quite literally risen from the ashes and is resuming normal dinner service this week following a celebratory New Year's Eve dinner. Expect more of the same greatness you loved at Manresa v. 1: David Kinch's thoughtful, seasonally inflected prix fixe menu ($198 a person, plus $118 or $198 for wine pairings) showcasing the restaurant's partnership with nearby Love Apple Farms will be coming out of a fully restored kitchen with new equipment. We heard rumors of abalone with morels during preview dinners. The restaurant is taking reservations right this second, so don't hesitate.

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POSTED December 18, 2014

The Progress

Talk about ending 2014 with a bang. The Progress, the sophomore project from the State Bird Provisions team (and easily one of the most anticipated restaurant openings, um, ever) opened its doors Tuesday. Forgoing the dim sum format, The Progress emphasizes family style dining—specifically, the family meals served to restaurant staff before service. Guests will have their choice of five dishes ($52), eight dishes ($79) or the intriguing "imperial menu" ($108): Your group will decide which dishes you'd like to try, all of which will be served communally. We hear talk of roti topped with truffles and sunchokes, so there's one decision made. It goes without saying these reservations will be some of the toughest to get in town so don't dillydally.

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